Business is at the heart of Malta Warehouse. We have been distributing to shops, ship chandlers and selected supermarkets since 2009. We are able to offer our clients branded products at a fraction of the price asked by local Maltese Agents. Our goods are centrally warehoused so that there is no delay in delivery. Everything visible on our website is able to be ordered from us. We do not offer any discounts on small orders as the prices published on our websites are already very competitive. 

We offer the delivery of Fresh fruit and Vegetables to all catering establishments in Malta. Should you be interested, just contact us and we will send you the pricelist together with the order days. We are able to offer restaurants a bi-weekly delivery of fresh goods to ensure an optimum level of fresh goods without unnecessary spoilage of goods. We do this by personally going over each product to ensure you receive the freshest goods.

We service Bars and Cafe's with an array of nuts, contact us if you would like to know more about the nuts we are able to offer your establishment.  

Small to medium sized operations are best off using the website to make orders. By small to medium sized operations we are talking about operations that generally have less than 5 full time people working in their establishment. We consider Pharmacies, Green Grocers and Confectionaries in this category.

Detergent Shops, Ship Chandlers, Wholesalers and Supermarkets that may need better prices are able to ask us for a quote on any products with the quantity they are interested in purchasing. We would get back to them immediately with our best price.

We service Offices and Gaming Companies with a variety of consumable goods and cleanliness products. From Waste paper bin liners, to toilet paper and floor cleaner. All these products are able to be purchased from our website. Should there be any explanation needed or particular wishes of products you need stocking, just inform us. We have an array of goods that we are able to begin stocking upon request. 

Export clients are also welcome to send us requests. Please give us all the details you have on the type of product you require, together with the port you would like the goods to arrive and we will quote accordingly. For Export requests kindly title the subject of your email: "Export Request" so that it would get handled correctly. 

Any questions should be sent via email, click here to send us your request. Kindly title the subject of your email: "Buisness Request" , please note that all requests must be in possession of valid VAT Numbers. No Business queries will be dealt without this as this service is strictly a B2B approach and not a B2C. 


Do you have a product which you think would fit our product range and you think that you have a price that would make it both attractive and competitive for us? Get in touch, we are always on the lookout for new partners. Kindly note that we only accept requests from established companies within the E.U. Our operation outside the E.U. is strictly Export only and not Import.    

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