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Welcome to the Blog Guidelines at Malta Warehouse!

Since you've landed on this page, your products have arrived and it's time for you to review them. We went ahead and wrote this page to give our budding team of Bloggers and Vloggers some guidelines on what we expect from you when you post your posts. Ultimately you the Blogger are 100% independent to do whatever your heart desires, so long it ends up having a positive outcome to Malta Warehouse and the Product being Reviewed. Negativity should be minimal from the onset, this is also for our bloggers sake, smile it suits you! 


1. Familiarise!

First of all you won't always be 100% familiar with the products we send you. It's impossible to have tried everything that exists on the market! So it's time to Familiarise yourself with the product! We shall take a product as a case study so that you can better understand.

Below is a Dove Hand Cream that we are going to pretend you received to review. 

Dove Malta

So you've possibly never used a Dove product (Highly unlikely, but possible) & you don't know that much about the company behind the product so it's time for the background knowledge. 

After a quick read you can already see who the target market for the products are.

"…the home of real beauty. For over a decade, we've been working to make beauty a source of confidence, not anxiety, and here's where the journey continues."

Drilling a little deeper into the website and you can see the particular product and what it's characteristics are. 
Malta warehouse
This information will be handy when it's time to start talking / writing about the product before you give your personal input and experiences. Some bloggers may also opt to talk about the history or the Brand, others may like to also talk about the advertising campaigns the brands are using and how they immerse the consumer to choose them over others.
You've also got to use the product you are about to review. There's no better experience than the personal one. This is what your followers are waiting to hear, so make it good! Be descriptive, think outside the box and get creative! It's going to get challenging if you use the same 10 words in every blog article! Especially if it's the third body lotion you are reviewing and you repeat the phrase " It's a very moisturising product" for all of them! Plus your readers are always on the lookout for amusing content from you. The second they find it too repetitive and boring then... Ciao! 
Don't forget to take lots of photos! In this industry yes, people are judging the book by its cover! So make sure you take lots of good quality photos and choose the right ones to publish. Some bloggers may wish to watermark their shots with their logo. That's up to you! What is important however is that you publish and tag these photos on every social media outlet as good as possible. Starting with Pinterest all the way to Snapchat. You never know from where you will be getting the stream of followers onto your main Blog, so make sure you publish and keep an eye on every new and developing form of self publishing, Linking everything to everything & making a complete circle that eventually always gets people onto your main Blog site! 
Also remember to name your photos correctly. Google can't read images yet, so it and it's creepy bots rely on what you call your photos. This leads us to the proper use of Tags! In other words inform yourself on the best ways to meta data the hell out of your images, using alternative texts when possible too. The more you mention your blog wherever possible, the more people may stumble upon you and possibly become your number one follower!
4. Proper use of Tags!
We require that you mention the following tags when writing and posting your articles on different medias:
Maltawarehouse | Malta-warehouse | malta_warehouse | winja | online-supermarket | online_supermarket | lovebargains
and where Hashtags are in vogue:
#maltawarehouse | #winja | #lovebargains | #malta | #onlinesupermarket | #megadiscounter.
It's not needed to use all of these and also not needed to be placed in any particular order. Infact we would suggest them to be spread out in between your personal favourite tags and hashtags. 
5. Linking to product!
Linking to the particular product is important for our website and yours. There are various ways this may be done, also how and where they are placed are completely up to you but they've got to be somewhere in your article. It's generally easy to use it at the end to close off your article by writing something like : This product is available at most well stocked supermarkets, but also available online at Malta Warehouse, just click here to visit the product! (the click here is hyperlinked to the product page).
6. Shout out to Malta Warehouse!
Somewhere in the Article its then time to be a little of a #Ninja! Whether you make it obvious or be sly about it that's completely up to you but people #LOVEBARGAINS so it's always a good idea to mention how much people would save by purchasing the product at Malta Warehouse instead of anywhere else! 
Now the article is done, it's time to post and watch the reactions from your followers! Don't forget it takes time to build a reputation online but once you arrive then you're able to truly become a trendsetter and/or fashionista ;)
Like we said in the beginning, everyone has a style that they wish to achieve and how they want to structure their articles so take this as a structure guideline and not an imperative manner of writing, there are after all many roads that lead to Rome! Keep in mind that for the purpose of Malta Warehouse the product is not the sole reason of the article, it's a means to an end to get the website promoted.
Happy Blogging!
Any questions, just send over we'll hook you up like we promised.
Malta Warehouse. 


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