Bad hair days - GOODBYE!


Here at we offer our clients a large range of products to ensure you never have a bad hair day! Unfortunately Bad hair days still attack women on average once every week. Using wet-look hair gel (and a lot of it) used to be the only solution in the past, luckily there is a remedy. The saying "your body is a temple" has everything to do with it. In fact the secret to never having a bad hair day ever again has less to do with the products you put in your hair and everything to do with what you consume. In fact it's your hair that's giving you a sign telling you that it is not receiving the right substances in order to grow long, shiny and healthy. Salmon

To begin with your hair needs fish! Fish such as salmon and others ensure that your hair remains shiny, grows healthy and also ensures that your scalp does not get too dry. Fish is high in the right kinds of Protein, Omega-3 fats , Iron and Vitamin B-12 too.

Eggs contain lots of Vitamin-B and Biotin. These help ensure a healthy scalp and faster growing hair. Iron which is present in the egg too provides more oxygen to the hair follicles

If you need an in between snack, don't reach for processed foods. Instead grab a hand full of nuts. Cashews, Almonds, Pecans and walnuts for example contain many healthy oils. Since they also contain zinc, you will also loose less hair. Walnuts for example are full of omega-3, that helps to make hair more radiant!

Vitamin C is vital for your hair texture so keep in mind to consume brightly coloured fruit! Oranges, Mangos, Strawberries, Kwis, Peaches are just a few to mention that can be blended in a smoothie or fruit juice to give your hair a healthy shot.

Consuming dairy products also plays a part to prevent dry scalp from the proteins in cheese fat, yogurt and milks. These come from the Vitamin-D and B-5 in these products.

Lastly Keep in mind that dark green vegetables are actually your natural conditioner. Vegetables such as Broccoli and Spinach contain vitamins A and C, these vegetables produce a serum and it acts as a natural conditioner. 

Should you be following these steps then our range of shampoos and conditioners will help boost your already beautiful hair! Click here to see our large range of products. 

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