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We at Malta Warehouse are always on the lookout for new talent. If you love to blog & review products then drop us a line! If you've just started in the industry, don't worry we'd gladly work with you and give you some support to get yourself going. 


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Starter tips? If you feel it, do it! There's no right or wrong in this digital world of reviews, Blogging & Vlogging! The main things in journalism always remain to be: Integrity, Honesty & Consistency. The more you gather steam, likes & followers, the more people are going to turn on you to expect some kind of answer or feedback to issues they feel you are an authority on. For this reason Integrity and honesty are also super important as the digital world is smaller than you may think as everyone is connected and wired. You've got to stand by the words you type on your articles and you've got to stick to your guns. 

Send us a small email about yourself and what you love to write about. Send us the links to your online portfolio of works & we'll be in touch with you ;)

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