A wide variety of articles, tips and tricks are able to be found here on this weekly blog. The articles may vary from how to better clean common daily objects around the house, with a focus on those products we have to offer our clients here in Malta, to general interest articles on particular products we offer to shop here online for our local clients in Malta. We also spotlight products from time to time. In these articles we take a particular product which we see is trending among our clients here in Malta, try it out and give our opinions. Feel free to post and share any of our content with your friends and/or colleagues here in Malta, we always do our best to remain as factual as possible with our content, should we somehow have missed something in our research after publishing, we would be much obliged with any corrections our customers here in Malta may have to offer us. 


Cleaning Hacks - Dirty Sponge

Cleaning Hacks , tackling the dirty sponge in the kitchen and how to ensure you are not making the situation worse. Click here to find out how to keep your dish sponge sparkling clean! more


Last night a Durex saved my Life

Here's some crazy reasons why you should be packing a Durex in your handbag or wallet. It's all about survival and a chance of getting Lucky, "We're up all night to get lucky" - Mexican Monkey! Click here to be a Malta Warehouse Durex Survivalist. more


Tresemme Shampoo , We Love it! Do you?

We love the large format Tresemme Shampoo. It's used by professionals and affordable for maltese households. We at Malta Warehouse tell you a little more about this familiar maltese household brand. more


Product placement & how it makes it onto our shelf at Malta Warehouse

Before a product hits our shelf here at Malta Warehouse, we perform a rigorous survey. We inspect our competitors to ensure that we place our products at the right price for our customers in Malta. For the Groceries too, click here to see in detail how we do it so that our clients in Malta could stay with their minds assured. more


King of Cif - Malta Warehouse

At Malta Warehouse we are the self proclaimed Kings of Cif. We have a great range of the products at super low prices so that everyone can buy or try this great stuff. more

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