20 identical Items... That much cheaper????


The Identical products we bought from Maltawarehouse.com and Maltasupermarket.com

We perform these challenges so our clients at Maltawarehouse can rest their mind assured, that when they purchase their goods from us, they are truly saving money! 

Below the shopping list of products 

  1. Ariel Pods 3in1 Laundry Detergent Mountain Spring 38 Washes 1.094kg €10.49 , Dove Bagno Schiuma Shower Gel Idrante 700ml €2.31 , Gillette Blue II Shaving Blades Disposable x10 €2.49 , Gillette Fusion Shaving Gel Proglide 175ml €3.19 , Gillette Satin Care Shaving Gel Radiant Apricot 200ml €3.33 , Ajax Floor Green Flowers 1L €1.40 , Felce Azzurra Bath Foam Bagno Dolce 750ml €2.07 , Felce Azzurra Air Freshener Golden Vanilla 250ml €1.77 , Felce Azzurra Casa Vetri Classico 750ml €1.99 , Always Silk Sanitary Towels Ultra Normal x14 €2.23 , Heinz Tomato Ketchup 300ml - 342gr €0.85 , Dove Men Care + Roll On Clean comfort 50ml1 €1.96 , L'Oreal Elvive Conditioner Nutri-Gloss 200ml €2.83 , Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Hair Repair Ultimate Color Protection Mask 200ml €6.49 , Vileda Scopa 3Action €4.54 , O.B. Curved Grooves Tampons Normal x16 €1.97 , Head and Shoulders Conditioner Classic Clean 400ml €3.25 , Sensodyne Toothpaste Fresh mint 75ml €2.88 , Sensodyne TP Rapid 75ml €3.32 , Colgate Toothpaste Max White Crystal Mint 100ml €1.65


  •  The Result?

    Our Competitors 20 items would cost our clients: €79.60c

    Our Clients when purchasing the exact same 20 items would cost them: €61.01c

    Resulting in a saving for our clients here in Malta of €18.59c!

    On a small side note, in this identical challenge that we performed for our clients in Malta, we took 1 item of each product respectively. See your savings double from €18.59 to €37.18 just buy buying 2 of each item! 

    Similarly if you are like most households here in Malta, then we can tell you from experience that families love and stick to the products they are familiar with. What does this mean? Very easy, use this shopping list as an example and instead of buying 1 item of each, stock yourself up for a couple of months and say purchase 6 of each items here in this shopping list. The results would be saving €111.54c . Instead of doing all that shopping in 1 go, as it may be quite hard to purchase so much at a time, consider that after shopping just 6 times at Maltawarehouse.com and buying just 20 items each time, you'd be saving your family over €100.00!

    Below two screenshots of the what would be purchases from our competitors and us Maltawarehouse.com respectively. 

    We are glad to be able to help families save here in Malta! Just click here to start your online shopping! It's really simple, just choose the things you'd like to purchase and click on check out. Then fill in where you live and what time you'd like to see us, then we'll call you and come to drop off your goods! It's payment upon delivery, so it's simple! 

    We are available 24x7, so just order from your own home or at the office whenever you are comfortable!

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