10 items test - Maltawarehouse.com vs Pavi Supermarket


The Challenge is plain and simple. It's a 10 items test. We chose 10 identical items that normally find their way into your shopping cart when purchasing your regular groceries here in Malta. Then we placed them side by side. 

Pavi price  Maltawarehouse price

So to be fair Pavi have a service charge built into their checkout screen with is of €5.00c. We do things a little differently here at maltawarehouse.com, when purchasing above €50.00 the €5.00 delivery fee falls. So for the sake of this argument we are comparing PRODUCT vs PRODUCT, so we will remove the service fee of Pavi & Delivery Charge from each example. 

Pavi would be charging €40.29c vs Maltawarehouse.com would be charging €24.79c. In other words by shopping for the exact same items from us instead of them our clients save: €15.50c 

Here at Maltawarehouse.com we are 62% cheaper than Pavi on 10 identical products!

An average family of 4 people who might purchase these items once a month would save almost €200 a year just by purchasing these 10 items from maltawarehouse.com instead of Pavi. So in other words an average family of 4 would save hundreds and hundreds of Euros if they first purchased all their necessities from us!

We are more than happy to provide this opportunity for the families in Malta to save and use their money wisely!

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