A wide variety of articles, tips and tricks are able to be found here on this weekly blog. The articles may vary from how to better clean common daily objects around the house, with a focus on those products we have to offer our clients here in Malta, to general interest articles on particular products we offer to shop here online for our local clients in Malta. We also spotlight products from time to time. In these articles we take a particular product which we see is trending among our clients here in Malta, try it out and give our opinions. Feel free to post and share any of our content with your friends and/or colleagues here in Malta, we always do our best to remain as factual as possible with our content, should we somehow have missed something in our research after publishing, we would be much obliged with any corrections our customers here in Malta may have to offer us. 


Maltese Rabbit Ragu

A great and delicious meal prepared by chef Andrea Busuttil. Try out this other way of preparing a typical maltese dish. Maltese Rabbit is a local favourite, click here to find out how he prepares it. more


Mystery Box at Malta Warehouse

We all love a little bit of random! Click here to get your hands on your very own Mystery Box from Malta Warehouse. We promise to make it, Random , Fun & value for money! So go ahead and get ready for a laugh with your family as you open up to discover your personal treasure. Every box is completely random, so you will never get the same box twice! more


Winja Repot: Lenor in Malta

Winja the Comparison Ninja, compares the market in Malta so you don't have to. Find out the different prices in Malta and where you should best purchase your products online. Malta Warehouse , #CHEAPEST more


Things People Search - January 2018

With the search volumes that we receive at Malta Warehouse, we can get a small glimpse of the big data all tech companies talk about. Some people search for funny stuff. Here's what people in Malta have looked for this January 2018 on the Malta Warehouse shopping platform. more

Food Recipes at Malta Warehouse

A collection of Recipes, from the professional restaurateur to the hobbyist and everyone in between. Made for Malta and Gozo by locals & all of those living on the beautiful islands! more

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