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Welcome to the About us Page! Seeing that you have clicked to this page, it seems that you are curious about us and how we came to be. We as importers have been around for quite some time here in Malta. Thanks to this, our long experience in the field,  we are able to offer our clients what we know are the best products and the best prices possible! What is our secret and how are we so competitive with our products a lot of people here in Malta may ask. We have tried to make our online shopping website as user friendly as possible so that your Nanna or Nannu is able to use our friendly website. The technical staff here are at Maltawarehouse are always coming up with features for easy user-ability whilst our purchasing team are constantly on the look out for a great deal for our clients here in Malta whilst our Delivery team do their best to be at your location for home delivery here in Malta within 48hours.  

Unlike big fancy supermarkets, we operate by stripping every possible over head and harness all our efforts in the range of products for our clients at like this the best prices possible. These large supermarkets can never compete with our price because to begin with heavy Capitol investment (which is never cheap) is made to secure large showroom locations. Secondly these large buildings are equipped with many cargo lifts, lifts & escalators which consume many units of 3 phase electricity daily. Cold stores and cool stores may also consume electricity but unlike us, these large supermarkets also spend large amounts of money to cool through large industrial air-conditioning units the huge open aisles where their consumers shop. This is not primarily to make it comfortable for their clients, rather because of all the display fridges and freezers. The Display fridges and fridges in large supermarkets are very inefficient machines and consume tremendous amounts of electricity. To make them work as best as possible, the surrounding ambient must be cooled in order not to make their heat pumps work on overtime. We at Maltawarehouse try to make nothing work on overtime that can unnecessarily drive up our product prices. These large supermarkets also employ a small army of people which also reflects every purchase of any product within their establishment. From the Shelf stockers, Deli counter assistants, bakers, fishmongers, butchers, fresh vegetable/fruit helpers, cashiers, accounts staff, goods receivers, marketing team, supervisory staff to the management team and the leadership / shareholders. Here we employ just 3 teams, the purchasing team, programmers & delivery team!

Why should you pay for something you don't need, don't require and never asked for? 

Apart from all of the mentioned costs above, our purchasing team buys directly from abroad for our local market here in Malta. By doing this we keep our prices down by skipping the local agents who make a percentage on each product too. 

Lastly to ensure total client satisfaction here in Malta, we offer all our clients free deliveries of their shopping with orders above €50.00c. In other words we offer the chance for our clients here locally in Malta to shop from the comfort of their own home, office or where ever they may be. This means no traffic on the way to the supermarket, searching for parking in very often limited car parks and worst of all waiting and waiting with a bunch of groceries for the slow cashiers and your turn in the long queue!


We hope that without us giving away too much or our magic, that we've enlightened our clients here in Malta about us and how & why we are the best at what we do! I'm sure this was an interesting read, 

Thank you, 


Lead hearder at Maltawarehouse.com

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